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2017 Winter 
Pastors' School Testimonials


Up to date. Very informative. Engaging.

I liked the Antidote to fear
and dealing with finances in the church.

I liked the form and time to practice on setting a goal and making a play to address our concerns and needs. This will be a helpful tool to improve many situations and work on problem areas in church and personal settings.

I also liked being reminded that change is often not the problem
but what we are being asked to give up or change.

I found the "Lean Innovation" process discussion/exercise very helpful and we used it this past weekend at our Session and Staff Vision and Leadership Retreat.

Don't be afraid! God is in charge.
Friends come in all sizes and strengths.

Spiritual Direction is important.
Experiencing Fear leaves us with options.

Liked JC's treatment of the church, seminary education, future of congregations and their work and the change
away from current models, looking toward the future.

The speaker addressed some real concerns of small churches, as well as the denomination as a whole.
I appreciated the down-to-earth approach.

JC's way of integrating real parish situations and
teaching how to make it through them.

2016 Winter
Pastors' School Testimonials


"Fun to be in a classy hotel.  Very resourceful with organization given the conditions.  Excellent blizzard food.  Thank you, Gary, for feeding your sheep.  Thank you for the private room.  It makes all the difference in the world for a class/retreat.  Happy Hour was a nice time to connect with colleagues."  

- Nancy Love 



"Appreciated Sam's gentle quiet & calming spirit and the way he presented the material."  

"The general demeanor of Sam.  The great times of fellowship.  The opportunity to really laugh!  The opportunity to do some spiritual stuff without the pressures."


Larry Langer 















"The classes were excellent. It was good to meet with people from other parts of the presbytery & other presbyteries" 



"I found the exercises (spiritual) helpful & insight-provoking."

– Jim McNeal  

"The presentation was very appropriate for my ministry setting at this time. Thank you"










2015 Winter
Pastors' School Testimonials



- Greg Cluts 



- Ford Craig 

"Social support of other pastors. Relevant topic. Guest speaker."

- Diana Hartman








"The relaxed pace."

- Caroline Price-Gibson


"Conversations with friends, old and new." - Stephen Price-Gibson


"The collegiality as always - a valuable symbiotic aspect.  The topic and presenter were excellent." 

- Harold Tongen









"The chance to visit with others who may be challenged in their individual ministries."

- Jim Uthe 



"Breathing exercise to calm. Practical helps - lifestyle changes."

- Duane Westing 

"Content. Relevance. Interactive."

- A. David Paul











2014 Winter
Pastors' School Testimonials

“The reason I came was for renewal, refreshment and learning in that order.  A real heartfelt thank you for the Pastors' School.  I don't have a lot of funds for CE and this is a large part of what I get and it is always high quality and refreshing.” – Mr. Wayne Owens, CRE, Atkinson, NE 



“The reason I came was intellectual stimulation and to strengthen relationships.” – Rev. Susan Cluts, Traer, IA


“I come for the rest, collegiality, sabbath, and a bonus of academic and personal challenge.”








“A wonderfully affordable way to learn, relax and rejuvinate." – Ms. Penny Schulz, CRE, Dunbar, NE


“The reason I came was relationships - time away from the 'real world' to be fed and valued.” – Rev. Diana Kuhl, Elkhorn, NE 







 2018 Events

 Winter Pastors' School

Feb 5-8, 2018

Hastings Chapel