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The Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation
Supporting Excellence in Christian Leadership
The Apollos Program

Biblical History 

The Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation’s Apollos Program derives its name from the young man described in Acts 18:24-26. Apollos was fervent in the scriptures and eloquent in proclaiming the gospel, but he needed more education. Fortunately, his friends were compelled to support him and arranged for additional training so that he could teach the Good News with authority. 


The Foundation’s Mission 

The mission of the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation is to seek, develop, and support excellence in Christian leadership through the Presbyterian Church (USA). 


The Foundation’s Apollos Program promotes this important task by providing opportunities for financial support to selected students, who are under the care of their presbyteries so that the Church might more effectively carry out its mission. By assisting with expenses, Board members seek to ease the financial burdens of individuals chosen by God to fulfill their call to leadership in the Christian community. 


The Omaha Presbyterian Theological Seminary Board of Trustees began the Apollos Program in 1954. The first scholarship was awarded directly to seminarian James H. Costen. 


Since its inception, Presbyterian seminary students have received over $3.5 million in funding. The annual Apollos Program budget is about $128,000 and provides financial assistance annually for around 32 qualified Master of Divinity seminarians. 


Eligibility for Apollos Scholarships 

An Apollos applicant must be: 


  1. An individual who possesses qualities of excellence for ministry;
  2. A member of a Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation; 
  3. Currently under the care of a Presbytery as an Inquirer or a Candidate;
  4. Accepted or enrolled as a full-time student in the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts or Dual degree program in one of the 10 Presbyterian seminaries: 

Austin Theological Seminary, Texas; Columbia Theological Seminary,    Georgia; The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, Iowa; Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary, Georgia; Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Kentucky; McCormick Theological Seminary, Illinois; Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania; Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey; San Francisco Theological Seminary in California; or Union Presbyterian Seminary, Virginia.

Apollos Program


Annual Apollos award: Maximum of $3,000 per year with a maximum total of $9,000 over a three-year enrollment period.


Named scholarships are awarded with an annual maximum of $6000 and a total maximum of $18,000 over a three-year enrollment period. Five Apollos Named Scholarships honor these former Presbyterian Foundation leaders: Robert K. Adams, Eugene C. Dinsmore, Howard B. Dooley, Silas G. Kessler and William L. Mulford. 

Each scholarship installment is contingent upon continued satisfactory progress toward the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts or Dual degrees as certified by the registrar of a Presbyterian theological institution listed above. 



Application Process 

Apollos scholarship applications must arrive in the OPSF office between January 15 and April 15. 
Transcripts and Reference Questionnaires must normally be received by April 15.


Each Apollos application is verified by staff to be sure that all required components are submitted. The Apollos Selection Committee considers only complete Apollos applications. 


Notification letters are mailed to each applicant after August 1. In addition to the award recipients, their pastor, presbytery and seminary also receive notification. Semester installments are mailed to the seminarian following receipt of the current Enrollment Certification from the registrar. 


Application Requirements 

The Apollos application instructions must be followed.  

A complete application consists of the following components: 


  1. A completed five-page application 
  2. An official transcript of records from universities where his/her degree(s) are conferred.
    Each transcript should be in an oficial sealed envelope from the registrar’s office. 
    We can also accept transcripts from universities via electronic services, email or fax.

    We can not accept transcripts sent to us directly by seminary students.
  3. An official transcript of seminary records if currently enrolled.
    The transcript should be in a sealed envelope from the registrar’s office. 

    We can also accept transcripts from seminaries via electronic services, email or fax. 
  4. Three non-family Reference Questionnaires in sealed envelopes. 

OPOF will obtain onfirmation from the CPM Liaison concerning an individual’s status as an Inquirer or Candidate.


Applicants may complete their saved application form on their computer; review and email as an attachment; or print and mail the Apollos application to:

          Apollos Committee 

          Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation 

          7101 Mercy Road, Suite 216 

          Omaha, NE 68106-2616 


For 2017, submit or postmark Apollos application beginning January 15 - April 17 so that is arrives in the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation office by April 17, 2017. 


Staff are available to respond to questions:(888) 244-6714 or via email: apollos@opsf-omaha.org.      

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