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2014 Lifelong Learning Testimonials

"You would not believe how healing it is just to HEAR of this conference [2014 Great Plains Wee Kirk Conference], and the fact that someone out there is helping to take care of some/many of the expenses therefore making it so much more possible/feasible/achievable for us to come.  Christ is at the center of this conference, and is clearly in each of the presenters.  And the context is so good and helpful.   There IS helpful rest/renewal.  Thank you from my husband and from me! – Mrs. Sheryl Campbell, Grundy Center, IA




“As a spouse of a clergy who was granted a scholarship from the Foundation in l973, I can't thank you enough. Now through the support you give to the Great Plains Wee Kirk Conference the two of us are blessed again.  We worship every Sunday in our churches but here at the conference we are afforded the opportunity to share time in the pew, sitting together side by side to worship and receive Communion side by side.  This is a truly special time and we Thank You!” - Mrs. Mary Anne Snyder, Camdenton, MO




 2018 Events

 Winter Pastors' School

Feb 5-8, 2018

Hastings Chapel