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                              Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation is closed anytime Omaha Public Schools are closed

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Omaha Presbyterian 

 Board Photo



The Board of Directors 

         Gene Beinke, CRE 

Deborah Boucher-Payne t
Scott J. Darling (Vice Chair)
Phillip L. Dudley, Jr. (Chair)
Gary S. Eller
  (President, ex officio) 
David Fulton
Jack H. Jackson (Treasurer)
Brent O. Johnston t
Andrew L. McDonald t  

Richard C. Meyer t  (Secretary)
Robert A. Meyer
John E. Nelson
Mary Newbern-Williams t 

(3 Open Positions)

The Council of Advisors
Alan Brehm  t
Kathryn (Salmons) Collins
Gary S. Eller t     (President, ex officio) 
Robert A. Keefer t  (Clerk)
Timothy S. Maxa t
Rick Sleyster t
David Paul t 
Moderator (Open)
Vice Moderator (Open)
(7 Open Positions Total)


  t denotes ordained clergy; membership is balanced with an equal number of lay leaders.
Membership begins with the election of new members during a Board of Directors meeting.

Membership ends when the three-year term is completed,
or a member submits a letter of resignation to the
Executive Committee. 
Members can be elected to three consecutive terms.

Guidelines for the Board
  * Encourage and utilize our energy, creativity, and knowledge
  * Celebrate accomplishments and learn from failures
  * Identify and expand our distinctiveness to enhance future support

Mission Statement
The mission of the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary foundation is to seek, develop and support excellence in Christian leadership through the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Vision of the Board
Trusting God and with commitment to ongoing stewardship, together we boldly move forward seeking, developing and supporting excellence in Christian leadership for the PCUSA.

 2018 Events

 Winter Pastors' School

Feb 5-8, 2018

Hastings Chapel