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"Summmer Pastor's School Through the Years"

Everyone is probably familiar with the tag line, "What heppens in Vegas stays in Vegas..." By contrast it is my hope that what I experienced in Hastings, Nebraska at my recent continuing education event will NOT stay in Hastings!

In Hastings, I attended the Summer Pastors' School from June 5-11 hearing inspiring sermons from Tom Long, biblical exegesis on the Gospel of Matthew from J. Ayer's lectures on intergenerational ministry and aging from Nancy Ramsey, and a theological exploration of forgiveness from Gary Eller. I hope that what I learned last week will inspire my preaching
and inform my ministry.

- Brent Johnston, pastor First Presbyterian Church of Wichita


"Why Train Ministers?"

Does it really matter whether we train our future ministers and church leaders, including our Commissioned Ruling Elders? One denominational leader who has spent many years in theological education recently wrote:

"Saying we can no longer afford an educated clergy is like saying hospitals can no longer afford doctors, schools can no longer afford teachers, or construction companies can no longer afford engineers."



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 Winter Pastors' School
Feb. 6 - 9, 2017

Hastings Chapel 



Summer Pastors' School 
June 4 - 9, 2017

 Hastings Hazelrigg